Apex Laboratories R & D

Apex Laboratories Pty Ltd has an R & D team working on providing high quality generic veterinary medicines to the Australian and New Zealand markets. Generic medicines are an equivalent alternative to innovative drugs. Generic medicines contain the same active ingredient, and must meet regulatory requirements before they can be marketed. Reliance on generic medicines for companion animals continues to grow due to the need to control costs, particularly for families and the elderly. Apex Laboratories Pty Ltd provides affordable medicines to wholesalers who then supply directly to vets.
Before a generic medicine can be sold, it undergoes rigorous regulator evaluation to confirm that the medicine is of high quality, and is safe and effective. Part of this review entails detailed pharmacokinetic analysis and clinical trials to ensure therapeutic equivalence with a registered drug. Apex Laboratories Pty Ltd is committed to making a difference by helping to improve companion animal’s quality of life.